Paging Dr. Theophilus. 06Apr08

Ok, I’d heard that the Little Rock Marathon finisher’s medal was huge, but wasn’t quite prepared for the sheer audacity of the thing. Races are competing for your marathoning dollar, and the gimmicks are coming out of the woodwork.

The self-proclaimed world’s largest finisher’s medal sort of looks like a shovel, and appears sturdy enough for real digging. But the kicker for me is the sparkling, silver ribbon. I may reveal my bias toward 70s and 80s Sci-Fi television, but doesn’t this look like a medal that Gil Gerard would have received from Erin Grey for saving the world in Buck Rogers and the 24th Century?

Better still, it reminds me of Dr. Theophilus, the frying pan robot that Twiki wore as a necklace.

– Dean