About Dean

Dean at the Hitchcock Woods 50kPhoto of Dean by Kevin Hatfield.

Hello, my name is Dean and I’m a runner.

“Hi Dean.”

I started on a whim when I decided that running a marathon was a worthy “life-checklist” item. I began pursuing that goal. I’ve been running ever since.

Somewhere along the line, I got this (pardon the expression) crazy idea in my head that I needed to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’ve finally done it. Now, when not injured, I’m obsessing about running faster, or in exceedingly exotic places.

The funny thing is, I’m really not sure why I run at all. Perhaps that’s why I write. I’m trying to come to grips with things. You see, though sometimes I simply hate running, l always really, really love it. So, I’m confused.

Whoa, I’m not addicted or anything.

I can stop any time.

– Dean