5 April 2008

We’ll this stinks. Today, Skybus became the third airline this week to cease operations. Normally I would not care about this sort of thing. But they were my ride to Boston.

It started with a text message after this morning’s 18 mile trail run; “Dude, Skybus just tanked.” At breakfast, I ordered wheat toast (no butter), bacon, eggs, and a legitimate airline.

The Skybus website was laughably unhelpful. “Fuel is expensive. We’re closing. Sorry about that.” No phone numbers, resolution path, or Turtle Wax parting gift. Just the foreboding, “contact your credit card company.” I called right away (just like every single Skybus refugee in America). I’m brain dead from easy listening hold music.

But I suppose that’s what I get for picking a relatively new, discount carrier with no call center. The sweet airfare deals were quite literally too good to be true. But for a while, I felt like super consumer, sticking it to the overpriced airlines. Perhaps I’ll run Boston with a scarlet “caveat emptor” pinned to my singlet.

And that’s the proverbial large nut I must crack. I have to find an alternate means to get to Boston. I shudder at prospect of pricing airfare to Massachusetts on late notice. I could pop a blood vessel in my left eyeball out of deranged frustration.

– Dean

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