Hot Rocket

6 December 2007

The Hot Rocket
In keeping with my custom of running marathons in the warmest possible conditions, I’m off to Huntsville, Alabama for the Rocket City Marathon this weekend. The projected high will be 70 degrees. Excellent.

For the record, this year I have run one of the warmest Black Mountain Marathons on record, the warmest Steamtown Marathon ever (on the same day as the infamously sweltering, water-depleted Chicago Marathon), a warmish New York City Marathon (I finished shirtless in November), and now Rocket City.

A word to the wise: If you are interested in a race, and find out I’ll be running as well, don’t bother to pack your mittens.

Anyway, this is my 10th marathon, and an official Boston Attempt®.

Bring it on!

– Dean

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