A Post-Kiawah open letter to my feet, legs and aerobic system

9 December 2006


We’ve just finished the Kiawah marathon and now is the time to reflect on your performance. Alas, with a 3:31, we did not qualify for Boston today. However, I have word from the cerebral cortex that our chin is up, and the outlook for the future is still unflinchingly positive. This being said, we must dole out praise or scorn where justified.

The Feet
Another excellent job. You have endured the pounding of the marathon with no ill effects, discomfort, blisters, or pain of any kind. There are more Thorlos socks in your future.

The areobic system
Once again, you have performed above and beyond the call of duty. You had a near perfect race and easily could have propelled us to an ultra. You should write a book. Can we have your autograph?

And now for the legs.
You started well, but your perfromance from miles 17-20 left much to be desired, though at that point we were still on track. From that point things got worse. We feel betrayed by your lack of verve, strength, and endurance. Are you angry? Have we offended you? Perhaps you should have channeled these feelings into something more productive, like going faster despite the pain. This may sound blunt, but without honesty, how will we grow?

At least you also avoided any injuries. thanks.



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