A Post-Kiawah open letter from my legs to my cerebral cortex.

9 December 2006


The last time we checked, we were the servants of the brain.

If you watch late night cable TV at all you must be aware that the human body can often perform beyond expected capabilities, even under duress. You might also have noticed that dogged resolve (Dare we say “will power?”) has a great deal to do with this. Furthermore, you are responsible for higher brain functions. By extension, this includes responsibility for training regimen, nutrition, sleep patterns, and race-day preparation.

Life is about choices. Should you have willed greater performance, perhaps we could have delivered. If you had more determination, perhaps you chould have responded differently to calf discomfort. We thought you liked basketball. Would Bobby Knight have tolerated this lackadasical approach to limb management?

Perhaps you’re just upset at yourself.

Your faithful servants,
the legs

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