The Inevitable Interim Post 10Apr08

The blog thing fascinates me. But I’ve never been one to care much about running’s day-to-day trivialities. I’ve never been tempted to write a mundane diary for you.

I could offer the predictable training report, listing the miles I ran today (ten) and where I ran those miles (trails). I could tell you how many miles I’ve run so far this week (twenty-eight). But I won’t bore you with that. That’s worse than a recap of trail conditions (mostly dry with some mud – and wow, the gross puddle in the marsh remains massive). Of course, I might offer an excuse for low mileage like, “I’m tapering for Boston” but you wouldn’t likely find that compelling. Who knows? Maybe you’d suspect me of sandbagging.

I’ll refrain from calmly reporting that the blister on my left big toe is healing nicely. I’ll say nothing of the twinge I felt in my IT Band today. Neither will I share my concern that my Gore-Tex Inov8 Roclite 318 GTX shoes have only a few more miles left on them. And you certainly wouldn’t care that I need new socks. At Zero To Boston, you’ll never read a word about gastro-intestinal distress or chaffing. No, you deserve better.

This space is reserved for weightier subjects; for real drama.

– D