Adidas, Yasso, Kastor; Oh My! 20Apr08

I’ve returned from the runner’s Mecca that was the Boston Marathon Exposition. Never before have I seen such a collection of physically fit people jammed together under one roof.

The Expo is housed in the Hines Convention Center near the finish line. While New York’s Expo took place in one expansive space, Boston’s utlized two large exhibit halls and various ante chambers for Bib pick-up, etc. I think the Boston Expo was larger, just less carvernous.

It was like runner’s Disneyland. Folks scarfed up gewgaw, posters (the offical poster includes the names of every entrant – That’s right, I’m listed on the same poster with Kipkoech Cheruiyot), and expansive quantities of Boston Marathon merchandise. The most notable of which was the jacket. Yes, Doc, I got the real thing.

The only drawback? I had to take out a small loan from a predatory lending firm to cover parking fees.

– Dean