Go Northeast, Youngish Man.

18 April 2008

Photo: Boston.com – Dana Giuliana

I’m finally on my way to Boston. Oh yeah, I’ll continue to post daily. Here’s the official itinerary:

I’m closing out fifty-nine thousand details before traveling to Raleigh.

Angie and I will fly into Manchester, New Hampshire. We’ll head right to the Marathon Expo. I’ll offer a detailed, on-the-scene expo report (with a frank assessment of the shirt). Later, we’ll dine with the painaholic Kestrou at Antico Forno in Boston’s North end.

We’ll attend the Women’s Olympic Trials in the morning, then spend time sightseeing. We plan to enjoy the Freedom Trail, Newberry Street, and the Commons. Later, we’ll retire to our lodging outside Hopkinton.

I will blog live from the Boston Marathon on Monday. I can only offer text updates from the course this year, but I promise video by Monday evening. Think Wellesley, Scream Tunnel, and an event some twenty years overdue.

– Dean

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