11.5 and all is well.

15 April 2008

Feet are quite peculiar, and typically ugly. Like the ear, they are prone to bulbous, odd shapes that remind me of my least favorite vegetables (cauliflower and green squash).

They can also cause problems, especially for runners. But I’ve never had any noteworthy problems with my feet. I’ve had no black toenails or lost toenails. I’ve avoided plantar fasciitis, calluses, infections, arch pain and unsightly fungus. I’m even a neutral pronator.

The occasional blisters appear, but only after a marathon or ultra, and only on my left little toe. They clear up right away. Since I’ve shifted from roads to trails, I can’t even remember the last time my feet were sore.

At the risk of sounding painfully shallow, I love my feet. This doesn’t mean that I spend all day thinking of my feet, or any other feet for that matter. But I do do buy running shoes at least partially based on fashion, and I have had a pedicure.

Does this make me a metrosexual runner?

– Dean

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