Run to the Light.

17 December 2007

100 Watts
Well, I didn’t qualify at Rocket City. But with a 3:20, I feel a new sense of optimism. I carved over 5 minutes off my previous PR, my biggest jump since taking this marathon thing seriously. My strongest miles were 15-22 (usually when the wheels begin to come off the cart).

The perpetually twisting course was “rolling,” which apparently is code for unpleasant hill at mile 17 and a most uncomfortable ascent at mile 21. It was also a bit warm and humid, but enough whining about that.

I faded a bit at the end, but nothing beyond reason. I could have had a high 3:18. But once I knew 3:15 was not in the cards, and that I’d need a Ryan Hall special to qualify, I relaxed and cruised in.

Until Rocket City, I didn’t truly know if I could run fast enough, long enough to get to Boston. Those doubts weighed on my mind. But now I know I can do it.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

– Dean

Please enjoy the official Rocket City Race Report.

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