Cathartic Snow Cones

12 March 2007

Choose SnowCones. SWAG of choice for North Pole Marathon runners

In my never-ending quest to win SOMETHING associated with the North Pole Marathon, I’ve taken up winner Bobby Bostic’s side contest. He seeks ideas for the creative use of PowerBar products at the Pole. The winner gets a whole bunch of PowerBar stuff.

I suggested that Bobby make colorful, festive snow cones for all racers using the PowerBar Beverage System. It’s like tasty SWAG. Everyone likes SWAG.

Anyway, I made the final five. Now the vote is up to the public. You can vote for my idea over at, but you have to go through the bother of registering. That just seems like a big fuss. Heck, I think YOU ARE MIGHTY just for visiting my little corner of the blogoverse.

– Dean
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