The Year Without a Santa Claus

19 February 2007

No Pole for You!

The North Pole Marathon contest has been decided. Had I won, you would have already been alerted by my primal scream. Alas, I shall not run the Pole this April. I didn’t realize just how earnestly I wanted to go until the official announcement. However, vocal chords intact, I take solace in a few facts:

The winner is cool.
Bobby Bostic, is decidedly worthy. He’s a stellar runner from Oakland who gives his time and energy to a wonderful charity, Challenged Athletes Foundation.

I’ve expanded my horizons.
The hoopla about the North Pole Marathon has opened my eyes to the possibilities of adventure marathoning. Angie, I should warn you that I’ll be doing this sort of thing now.

A Cameo
Though I didn’t win the contest, I did appear ever so briefly in the Announcement video. That has to count for something.

Pole Blog ready for 2008
I’ve just had a blast with my contest BLOG, RUN THE POLE. It will remain active as a record of my earnest attempt to win the contest. That, and it will await revival next year for the 2008 race, contest or no. I am currently welcoming serious inquires from prospective sponsors. Really.

Coffee Anyone?
I may yet win something. I entered a supplementary contest with Pixie Mate, describing what I’d do to stay warm at the Pole. I suggested Science Fiction and Kittens. Anyway, the prize is a coffee gift basket. It would be an extremely small consolation in comparison to running the Pole, but heck, I’ll take what I can get. It’s just a shame that I don’t drink caffeinated beverages.

The Best Part
Mostly, I have been deeply touched by the outpouring of support I’ve been given. I can’t begin to thank everyone for the help, wonderful comments, enthusiasm, encouragement, and flat-out belief that I could do it. It’s both remarkably energizing and sincerely humbling. I set out to try and run the Pole, to win a contest. I received far more.

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