Zero to Manchester 09Apr08

Looks like I’ll make it to the Northeast in time for the big race.

I’ll start in Columbia, drive to Raleigh, catch a plane, stop in Washington D.C., and finally arrive in Manchester, New Hampshire. I’ll visit Connecticut, hit the expo in Boston, and stay outside of Hopkinton. On the way home, I’ll layover in Atlanta. That’s seven states in three days (if I’m fortunate enough to give Rhode Island a miss). In the words of Sam Spade, “Are you getting all this or am I going to fast for you?”

You know you’ve had a stressful go of it when the thought of starting a marathon is eminently relaxing. At least I now know more about the arcane inner workings of the airline fare system than I care to admit. Please don’t ask me about it, I’ll have a disturbing flashback.

Now, as long as US Airways and Delta stay in business for 2 more weeks, I’ll be all set. Meanwhile, I plan on telling every airline official who’ll listen that I’ve qualified for the Manchester Marathon.

– Dean

Fortnight Lament 08Apr08

I used to think that qualifying for the Boston Marathon was difficult; a challenge requiring dedication, stubbornness and hard work. But it all seems to have been child’s play compared to finding suitable last minute airfare and lodging for race weekend. Apparently this Boston Marathon thing is quite popular.

So thanks again Skybus! Two more lousy weeks were all I needed from you.