The Boston Pee Party

21 April 2008

9:16 am

Alright so I’m on my way to Hopkinton on this school bus that we picked up and we’re on the interstate. It’s taking a long time to get to our destination and along the way people have to get off the bus and use the bathroom on the side of the highway. Only the buses don’t stop.

So the males went first. After relieving themselves, they had to run to catch up to the bus. Afetr some time, the females couldn’t hold it anymore. As they left, folsk on the bus yelled, “squatters!yelled “Squatters!” everyone cheered them then urged the driver to leave them behind.

Anyway I’m here at the amazing Athlete’s Village and everyone is urinating everywhere! – It’s crazy!

So that’s it, I’ll start soon!

– Dean

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