Rite of Spring

31 January 2008

Spring has Sprung
January Flower seen today in my yard. “Bae yeak gul bahear namesaewaed”

Now that winter has abated in South Carolina, we can look forward to the impending vernal equinox. It’s time for milder weather (it was a frosty 65 yesterday), Stravinsky tunes, cleaning out the closets, and of course the Boston Marathon.


Kind readers, I am determined to line up at Hopkinton this summer (April 21st qualifies as summer here). To this end, I’ll soon run the dreaded Myrtle Beach Marathon. On February 16th, I’ll inhale vast quantities of automobile exhaust during the mind-numbing five mile stretch on Kings Highway. At least it will be flat.

I can only hope that Richard Gere will summon enough positive mental energy to propel me to a sub-3:15, though he may need to be convinced that my goals are somehow linked to those of Tibetan independence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to run. But trepidation always creeps in before a big race. While watching SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON last week, I was comforted to see that Deena Kastor expressed noticeable anxiety before the 2005 Chicago Marathon.

She won.

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