Crossing Boylston

13 July 2007

Boston Marathon Crossword

Time to get up to speed on Boston lore. Allow me to recommend the Boston Marathon Crossword Puzzle.

Beyond an unnatural obsession with the Boston Marathon, a crossword of this sort requires a cranial overflow of race trivia, and a fondness for short words containing multiple vowels. Only this can explain the presence of Three-Down and Twenty-Seven Across.

Clearly, not every clue relates perfectly to Boston. You may want to brush up on Egyptology, washed-out 80s actresses, and New Zealand opera; just a recommendation.

But let’s cut the puzzle some slack. My quest for Boston has hardly been ideal. How can I in good conscience, require a simple brainteaser to stay on task? So let’s revel in our imperfection, train arduously, and satisfy those pesky vowel quotas.

Perhaps I’ll see you some day in Fifty-Four Across.

– Dean
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