Run the Pole!

30 January 2007

The North Pole

Since Boston will have to wait until 2008, I’ve got a free weekend in the middle of April. What to do? How about a great northern adventure? It just so happens that the North Pole Marathon is held on April 15th. Yeah, the geographic North Pole; You know, top of the world, vast ice sheet, Robert Peary, Santa; The real deal. is sponsoring a North Pole Marathon contest, and I’m entering with guns blazing. The winner gets entry to the race (including travel) and must complete a multi-media journal of the experience. Since I want the judges to know I’m serious, I’ve set up a full-blown blog called “Run the Pole.” It’s been active since January 8th. Please visit and enjoy. It’s like Zero to Boston, just colder. And there’s video.

Those who know me know that I’d jump feet-first at the chance to do something like this. I never once thought of NOT giving this a try. I am transfixed by the possibility of running on top of the world. I’m quite beside myself.

Besides journaling the experience, and raising awareness for International Polar Year (focusing on climate change and the Arctic), I’d be running to support a cause called the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. It’s not a well-known charity. Of course, Crohn’s is not a well-known disease. It’s chronic, has no cure and several of my friends have it. I want to help them. This is a stellar opportunity to do just that.

My official contest entry is posted publicly at soon. Comments from supporters are welcome (scroll to the bottom of the screen), so I shamelessly beg for your help! Post a comment! Ask the judges to pick me!
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