Kiawah Marathon – Mile 18

9 December 2006

Mile – 18

Split – 2:14:20

Current Pace – 7:25

Projected Finish – 3:14:33
“On the Scene” Report
Jason says, “This is still a good pace, even though I am told there is not much room for error once the wall hits. Third omen of the race: Deeper Still by Scott Krippayne was playing when I received the last call. We are trying to get the next update at the 20 mile mark, but Charles is probably going to take out a few people to get there. DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF THIS MAN! Especially when he is on a mission. As for Dean, we’re hoping the Captain America sweatpants are providing inspiration. Maybe if he had Wonder Woman underoos, they would be more effective.”

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